Meet our copy editors

These freelancers are working or training with the company and have either a background in copyediting or show true value and potential. If you select the second editor review with your project, one of these freelancers will likely be on your project, and you’ll see their skills firsthand. Have questions about one or both of them? Send an email to kingsmanediting at gmail dot com and we’d love to help you learn more!

Steven Martinez | Copy editor

Steven Martinez is a copy editor and newspaper designer currently residing in Texas. As a passionate consumer of all kinds of media, copyediting has given him the ability to take in and contribute to a variety of interesting literary voices. 

While initially navigating the treacherous tides of retail management, Steven transitioned to the even more dangerous position of newspaper designer and copy editor. He has taken the experience gained learning the ins and outs of AP style to discover that is quite different from Chicago style.

His ever-extending backlog of required reading has only grown larger with every trip to a secondhand book store and recently renewed library card. 

Pets Ren (murderous chihuahua) and Gomez (slightly less murderous cat) are essential allies in helping keep his sanity intact. He revels in the occasional escape from reality, though he has always found his way back somehow. 

Cari Jehlik | Copy editor

Cari Jehlik is a copy editor from North Dakota who truly enjoys reading the Chicago Manual of Style and other books on editing when she can find a few minutes between training her puppy, raising two children, and managing everything under her own roof (including the chickens in the back yard).

As a highly motivated, detail-oriented person (and writer), Cari often finds herself in the unfortunate position of mentally editing everything she reads. Instead of fighting against that tendency, she is learning to harness her superpower for good to help writers of all stations and levels present excellent work to the reading public.

Cari has been writing in earnest since she started staying home after her children were born and invests what little brain space she has left to the glorious pursuit of writing. And now to her great delight, editing. She is frequently interrupted by her children and dogs, though her partner-in-crime husband is an excellent tornado tamer and gives her some space to work.