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What does the two editor thing mean?

The publishing industry requires great attention to detail. In traditional publishing, you have a managing editor, a copy editor, a proofreader, a typesetter, etc., which means you have many trained eyes on the same manuscript. Because that’s not always affordable in self-publishing, and sometimes not in the budget for publishing houses, more weight is put on individual editors.

That’s why we started a partnership. Our goal is to provide the best quality editing while also offering the option of having more than one editor.

If your budget is really tight, let us know and we can discuss the price difference of working with one editor, but we’ve worked it in a way that the cost difference is small, so if you can fit in this option, we recommend it.

Free sample edit

When you fill out the request form, you’ll receive a free five-page sample edit. The purpose of the sample edit is to show you what you can expect in each editing tier, and it will help both you and the senior editor to determine whether the project is a good fit.

The sample edit includes a proposal with prices for each editing tier, as well as the tentative start date for the full edit.

Keep in mind that the sample edit is completed by only the senior editor because that is primarily who you will be working with throughout the process.

Clients prior to Feb. 2017, second-edit authors*, and select Authors’ Tale members**, receive a discount.

*Second-edit authors are those who have previously paid an editor who did not deliver publication-quality results. To be eligible for this discount, please provide proof of a previous edit and a sample of the published manuscript for evaluation. Published manuscripts that did not receive paid professional editing will not be considered.

**Authors’ Tale members who have been with the group for two years or more are eligible for a separate discount.


.015 per word

The simplest and least expensive form of editing we offer is in the form of nitpicking for minor errors. All changes are tracked for the author.

Projects under 16,000 words are subject to another form of pricing. Please query us if necessary. With this service, we search for:

  • incorrect style (verb tense, informal usage of values or measurements, etc.)
  • punctuation
  • capitalization
  • spelling (typos, homophones, etc.)
  • word choice
  • correct regional English usage
  • removing simple formatting errors (This does not include formatting the book for publication.)
  • sentence readability
  • passive voice
  • and more

We will create a style sheet for your book and keep it on record for future project consistency. If you want a copy of this style sheet, don’t be afraid to ask for it.

Line Editing

.02 per word

Upon completing a manuscript, the most commonly requested type of editing service tends to be line editing. Along with the copyedit conducted by your two editors, the senior editor will also pay attention to:

  • sentence structure
  • paragraph structure
  • dialogue
  • scene/character presentation
  • fact-checking (time period, slang, etc.)
  • contradictions

Developmental Editing

$26 per hour

This editing service involves digging deep into your work. As well as the copyediting service and line editing service, the senior editor will provide the following to ensure your book remains plausible (where necessary), consistent, relevant, and interesting:

  • content structure and progression
  • organization
  • presentation
  • consistency of characters
  • plot consistency, structure
  • flow
  • clarity
  • unanswered questions in the book (plot holes)
  • meticulous review of scene structure
  • scene/character relevance

Red Pen Consultation is free with this service.

This service involves a thorough discussion about questions, suggestions, thoughts, etc.

$100-$300 for review and consultation

If the story is between 40,000 and 80,000 words, the flat rate is $200.

The Red Pen Consultation is a unique, verbal collaboration offered as a separate service or as an add-on to an existing service. This consultation can be over phone, video chat, or through e-mail. It includes the following:

  • In-line critique and review of individual developmental elements
  • Section-by-section notes summarizing issues of concern with regard to character, story development, and flow
  • A separate document containing the general areas of concern most prominent in a manuscript
  • Verbal discussion with the senior editor to address any questions or concerns the author has with the story or the provided analysis

Physical changes will not be made to the manuscript. This service is great for those who need help with an unfinished manuscript or for those who want an editor to break down the structure, direction, and development of their novel in a critique.