Senior Editor

Cayce Berryman is an editor with a passion for words. Helping writers refine and discover their voice is what she does best, but when she’s not editing, reading, or designing newspapers and writing headlines, she’s outside. Sometimes, she’s outside on Facebook Live talking about editing, but usually she’s gawking over what grows in her yard, taking a scenic drive to church, or just enjoying the sunshine in sunny Kentucky with her dog, Autumn.

She also works as a finisher and newspaper designer for Gannett (USA Today Network). She has an associate degree in journalism and a bachelor’s in creative writing and English.

She discovered that she loved editing while in college working for the newspaper there. She’d started a writing organization during that time, which helped her realize she wanted to work with books. The organization, Authors’ Tale, serves as a supportive platform for budding writers and published authors, as well as a “writer’s gym” where the creative and knowledgeable mind can expand and continue to learn.

In the past, she has been a story coordinator for the Collaborative Writing Challenge, an event that brings authors together to create a single novel. She was also the managing editor for the college newspaper during that time, as well as a photographer and freelance editor.

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Associate Editor

Michelle King is an author and copy editor living in New Hampshire with her husband and three little monsters. What draws her to copyediting is her passion for helping others so she can assist other self-published authors in making their manuscripts as perfect as possible.

She squeezes in time for her writing and reading as much as possible every day, even if it means sometimes letting her house temporarily fall into shambles.

After spending six years in the Navy, she went on to graduate from Boston College with a bachelor’s in corporate systems. She became an admin of Authors’ Tale in 2015, taking on new challenges as they arose and pursuing more training in copyediting after she caught the bug from Cayce.

Coffee is her magic potion of choice (with dark chocolate espresso beans being a suitable substitute), although red wine is a close second. She considers herself an optimist with a short attention span, which is useful in that it motivates her to constantly learn and try new things.

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Crystal mug

Typesetter (Formatter)

Crystal Burton is a fantasy author and grammar aficionado. Her passion for words is enhanced by the detail, repetition, and aesthetics of novel formatting. She focuses on helping other authors by designing attractive, professional layouts for their books (exploiting her OCD as necessary).

When she’s not formatting, she runs a fantasy blog to help guide and support other writers in the genre. Her hobbies are just as fantasy inclined, including binge-watching fantasy shows and crocheting adorable fantasy creatures (the dragons are popular). She does all of this from the front porch of her rural Texas home.

She joined Authors’ Tale in 2015 to further her own writing. It only took a few months before she had immersed herself into the support and knowledge of the community, later becoming an admin and then a board member for the growing organization.

When she hits a wall in her writing, she likes to break through by distracting herself with HTML, CSS, and the underappreciated features of Microsoft Word. (And video games, especially ones with good writing.)

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Assistant Editor

Autumn is a black labrador retriever mix with a big heart, a bigger bark, and a ready ear. She has been an assistant editor and the home office protector for Kingsman Editing since December 17, 2018.

Autumn’s hobbies include eating bones, breaking sticks into shrapnel-sized pieces, playing with the cat, and running from the vacuum.

She loves to roll in the dirt and, if she’s lucky enough not to get caught, her own poop. The neighbor’s chickens would be a fine treat she’d take advantage of if she could, but she’ll accept video-bombing the senior editor’s weekly live videos for now.

While she’s currently in school for service dog training, her other educational endeavors include learning how to catch a bug and tearing up the dictionary because all the senior editor really needs to know how to spell is Autumn, right? She will master in those one day.

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