Before you submit a sample or the full manuscript

We receive many manuscripts with simple errors that increase the time we have to spend working on it. Doing a few simple things prior to submitting will likely lower your bill, and it will help us to work on the more important things instead of forcing us to linger on little things that you could have fixed in your revisions.

Document format

All manuscripts are based on these guidelines. For example, our ten-page sample edit will not be based off of your ten-point single-spaced document. Please ensure your manuscript follows these guidelines. It will help both of us; we promise.

  • Double-spaced lines (Paragraph formatting –> Spacing –> Drop-down to “Double”)
  • One space after each sentence (Ctrl+F –> *insert two spaces* –> Replace with one space
  • Auto-indent—no tabs and no spaces for your new paragraphs (Ctrl+F –> ^t –> Delete all tabs –> Paragraph formatting –> Indentation –> Special drop-down to “First line”)
  • No bold words or underlined words unless it’s part of your nonfiction book’s styling
  • Insert page breaks after the end of every chapter


  • All fonts will be changed to Times New Roman for editing unless they are in a similar serif font style (Garamond, Georgia, etc.)
  • All fonts will be changed to twelve points unless it’s specific to a nonfiction formatting consistency (heads, subheads, labels, etc.)

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