The work Cayce provided on my fantasy manuscript couldn’t have been more helpful. Not only did she correct the typos, grammar, and punctuation, but she also called to light some commonly made mistakes throughout the piece which I had never noticed before. Her comments were so much fun to read, whether she called attention to sections I already guessed needed work or praised some line or scene she thought was particularly well-done (which happened to be in all my favorite sections, too).

Cayce works incredibly fast and efficiently, all the while reaching out to share her enthusiasm, ask questions, or get excited with me about what’s coming up next for my characters. She has a wonderful grasp of the English language and uses it to help authors perfect their work to the last tiny detail. I never once felt anxious by the possibility of Cayce rejecting and/or grossly changing any piece of my manuscript; she stayed completely true to the original intent of every scene I wrote.

Even after Cayce finished editing my work, once I rewrote a few sections and asked for her feedback, she was more than willing to read my revisions and immediately share her opinion. Any author looking for in-depth, succinct, and comprehensive editing and critical assessments of their work are sure to find everything they need with Cayce Berryman.


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